Has your mind taken you hostage with negative thinking, irrational beliefs, and unrealistic expectations?

The conceptual mind we all use to think, act and feel
can play tricks on us. Worse yet, when our mind senses danger
or a threat, it immediately activates the flight or fight response
and our body and brain prepare for the worst.

Living in chronic stress is horrible for your overall heath. Part of your brain, responsible for logical decision making and impulse control temporally shuts down. Thus, when we are stressed, it’s as if we are not able to think, process, or even make accurate decisions. Worse yet, with continued stress, we begin to assume it is normal until we hit that breaking point and realize help is desperately needed.

Our assessment process, part of the cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, examines the symptoms you subjectively observe in yourself or a loved one. Next, we compare that information to our objective assessment tools, including the qEEG brain mapping analysis, and a physiological assessment, and nutritional evaluation. This comparison of mind, brain and internal systems helps identify how you “think” you are doing, versus what is truly happening “behind the scenes”.
When stress becomes a part of daily life, we begin to ignore the warning signs and assume the limited focus, increased irritability, lack of energy, and poor sleep are just part of everyday life. Take back your life right now by calling the Center for Mind Brain Balance. One of our friendly staff will be glad to help you schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

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