Are you frustrated? Are you experiencing limited concentration? Are you losing the ability
to keep up in life?

Brainwave imbalances, racing emotions, negative thinking
and nutritional deficits can slowly unravel your overall health.
The Center for Mind Brain Balance can help you identify
these root causes and regain control of your life!

If you have ever heard the saying, “it’s all in your head,” there’s great truth in this. However, the more important question to ask, is your mind or brain responsible for these struggles? If you can “think” your way out of the problem, it’s a mind problem you’ve just solved. Yet for most people, the harder you think, the worse it gets! 

Our assessment process, part of the cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, examines the symptoms you subjectively observe in yourself or a loved one. Next, we compare that information to our objective assessment tools, including the qEEG brain mapping analysis, and a physiological assessment, and nutritional evaluation. This comparison of mind, brain and internal systems helps identify how you “think” you are doing, versus what is truly happening “behind the scenes”.

Lack of focus, anxiousness, and poor academic or job performance can all be due to the brain running either too fast or too slow.  Further, nutrition and how you think, act and feel play an important role in regulating brain function. The Center for Mind Brain Balance offers a unique approach to helping you address your current situation. For a happier & healthier you, contact MBB for your free 30 minute consultation!

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