Would You Like to Regain Control Over Your Emotions and Behavior?

The Center for Mind Brain Balance offers you or a loved one the chance to identify the root causes of your current struggles. Our method helps to improve mood, handle stress better, and improve one’s outlook on life.

  • Are you always “keyed up,” yet find yourself out of energy?
  • Have you suddenly hit the “proverbial wall?”
  • Are you surrounded by people yet feeling totally alone?
Do not despair, as you are by no means, alone. These are not merely random, or for that matter exclusive thought, and for those who are ready to admit something must change, help is just a phone call away.

First, you must understand these are not the usual “mood swings” we all experience from time-to-time. If you cannot escape “feeling stuck”, chances are this is a brain-regulation concern. Unfortunately, most people expect themselves to “snap-out-of-it”, to overcome long-term difficulties by either choosing or denying that they even exist.

However, from our experience, we have seen remarkable changes come about when people get to the root causes in their mind, brain and body. Our assessment process, part of the cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, examines the symptoms you subjectively observe in yourself or a loved one.

Next, we compare that information to our objective assessment tools, including the qEEG brain mapping analysis, and a physiological assessment and nutritional evaluation. This comparison of mind, brain and internal systems helps identify how you “think” you are doing, versus what is truly happening “behind the scenes”.

Most people are unaware of their body’s internal operating systems or their ability to control relaxation, focus or calm during times of increased stress. Let us help you identify what’s limiting your happiness and productivity in life. Call our Center today for more information or to schedule a complementary 30 minute consultation. Visit us soon!

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