Our Mind Brain Assessment, part of our cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, will offer you the chance to compare your subjective observations with our objective measurement and analysis, including the qEEG Brain Map and Physiological Stress Test analysis. Having the “gold standard” qEEG brain map, one can rest assured of where any imbalances may preside in the brain and what specific frequencies are needed in order to ultimately achieve long-lasting success.

To put it simply, “we have the skills, knowledge and compassion to not only understand the root causes of these imbalances but more importantly we have the know-how and the tools needed to implement immediate strategies correcting these inconsistencies.” In laymen terms, we not only “talk the talk, we walk the walk!”

Finally, always remember that The Center for Mind Brain Balance not only helps identify the foundational concerns of your current situation, but also coaches and guides you each and every step of the way throughout this journey of positive change for you or a loved one.

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