"In the middle of difficulty,
lies opportunity."
- Albert Einstein

Emotional & behavioral outbursts can ruin a child’s school and home life. If you feel like you have tried absolutely everything and are suddenly finding yourself at the end of your rope, first of all, step back and take a deep breath. Secondly, do not begin blaming yourself, those around you or even your surroundings. Many times these situations are beyond the layperson’s abilities to recognize or to even comprehend. Lastly, many parents will hold themselves hostage feeling they have not “turned over every stone”, that they have not looked at all the potential reasons for their child’s struggling, that they are somehow in some way responsible for this entire situation. Stop this irrational thinking and call The Center for Mind Brain Balance (MBB).

Here at MBB, we can help your loved one. We have the skills, knowledge and compassion to not only understand the root causes of these imbalances but more importantly we have the know-how and the tools needed to implement immediate strategies correcting these inconsistencies. Simply put, we not only “talk the talk, we walk the walk!”

Our assessment process, part of our cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, will show you areas of his or her brain that are under or over-activated, as well as a current stress level using state-of-the-art equipment and software. There is simply no guessing anymore. Although symptoms may overlap, we can help you understand the root causes of your child’s struggles and effect positive, long-lasting change both at home and at school.