"Family is not an
important thing.
It's everything."
- Michael J. Fox

Family dynamics can change like the wind. Having a child who is struggling can create a tough environment for parents and other family members to stay even keeled and positive. It is also unfair to chastise or blame any one person as the reasons for these difficulties are often due to unseen imbalances in the mind, brain and body. Every year parents and adults with ADHD seek out alternative therapies because medication has stopped working (or never worked), produces unwelcome side effects, or, most commonly, doesn’t manage all the symptoms of the condition. Do not despair!

The Center for Mind Brain Balance is dedicated to helping families of all sizes, couples, adolescents and children become happy and successful. Helping people learn to help themselves is MBB’s ongoing mission.

Our unique and individualized Assessment process, part of the cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, will help identify what mind, brain or body imbalances are jeopardizing your family’s happiness and ability to behave as a cohesive unit. We offer realistic solutions for children while also providing stress management tips for parents and siblings to better cope with a loved one’s emotional, behavioral or cognitive struggles.

Like what you hear? Are you ready to make some positive, lasting changes? Don’t wait another minute for family happiness, pick up the phone and call us!