Does your life feel like you’re always walking on egg shells, taking an endless ride on a merry-go-round, electrically charged yet constantly depressed and out of energy?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you tired of getting no answers?
  • Dreading the next phone call?
  • Scared to death to see the next report card?
  • Holding your breath with every little problem that arises?

First of all, the teenage mind, brain and body are in a constant state of changing and growing. This period of transition, where they are no longer young children, yet are not quite adults can be incredibly infuriating and terribly frustrating. Hormones are changing every nanosecond and peer pressure is at an all-time high. Wouldn’t it be nice to truly know what is holding them back in their mind and brain during this most difficult of times?

Our center’s Assessment process, which is part of our cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, will quickly grab the most challenging teen’s attention allowing them to immediately recognize and understand their own ongoing fears, emotions and frustrations. And as compassionate adults, we must remember our own youthful experiences in order to appreciate these difficult teen years where feelings of ongoing pressure at home, in school and in their social life are ever present.